Talent Development

Cellate believes in harnessing each individuals potential and through this we have developed our culture around training and development of our employees and staff. Cellate believes in treating employees as an investment and not a resource.

Cellate sees numerous benefits to the company by investing in its staff and employees. We believe in engaging with employees and building on a knowledge library and investing in the future of the company.

Training and development is a catalyst for collaboration internally within the company and through collaboration we can develop and strengthen our innovation.

Cellate through the Centre of Excellence will work with the University of Newcastle, BHP Billiton, Hunter Tafe, Master Builders Association and various local groups connecting Cellate to the youth through structured Cadetship, Graduate, Apprenticeship and Traineeship programmes. Through these programmes we will be able to develop our professional base and expertise and foster the youth for long term roles in Cellate both nationally and internationally.


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