Precast & Prefabrication


  • ensures Cellate precast & fibre steel concrete is used across the projects globally;
  • manufactures, delivers and erects all Cellate Precast concrete elements to each project;
  • manufactures the panels in an automated precast factory setup at each desired location based on the requirements of the G5 Global Vision Foundation;
  • has the latest precast machinery to manufacture the highest grade precast available;
  • batches all required ready mix concrete with Cellate fiber steel and delivers to Cellate Construction projects;

Why Use Cellate Precast?

  • Cellate is recognised as the most advanced structural member and is the only concrete based system to be rate to Seismic Scale 9.
  • Cellate concrete technology is tailor made for marine environments due to its extremely high resistance to salt ingress and corrosion of steel. The concrete is also light weight and has extremely high thermal and fire resistance.
  • Cellate conforms to all four categories of Leed for sustainability and reduces onsite waste and emissions.
  • Cellate precast is economical to produce and has been used to construct thousands of low cost housing developments around the world.
  • Cellate buildings are environmentally friendly and significantly reduce the running costs associated with heating and cooling making them ideal for extreme climates.
  • Cellate's light weight and ease of constructability means it can be cast and assembled quickly on site reducing costs for piling, transport, formwork and cranes.
  • The superior resilience of Cellate Precast, reduces maintenance and the risk from natural hazards including fires, earthquakes and tornados.

Approvals & Certifications

  • Canadian National Research Lab. Montreal
  • ICI Research Laboratory, Sydney, NSW Australia
  • Experimental Housing Laboratory Sydney, Australia
  • International Seismic Effects, Sendai, JS 4 Japan
  • BHP Mining Group Laboratory, Melbourne
  • Institute of Engineering and Structural
  • Mechanics & Laboratory for Engineering
  • Informatics University of Sydney, NSW Australia
  • Australian, British, Dutch, Saudi Arabia, Singapore Ministry of Defense

Cellate conforms to all BS, AS, ASTM, JS and European standards. Standards used in the construction of Cellate panels are:

  • Portland cement: BS12-1978
  • Pre-stressing strand BS5896-1980
  • Aggregate BS812 1:2:3/BS882
  • Admixtures BS 5075 1:2:3
  • Inner core BS 3241
  • Fibre steel EE 184, 186, 252, 80HRB and minimum tensile strength of 800mPa


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