Engineering & Design

Cellate provides:

  • structural engineering to ensure that Cellate Fibresteel concrete design and precast technology is used in all parts of the projects;
  • an in-house design team to develop the schematic design to detail design ensuring the construction programme can be delivered and that costs are kept to a minimum through innovative design and engineering;
  • an "innovation hub" set up with engineers, architects, draftsman and detailers to ensure the Cellate design principles and design technology is used throughout the projects.
  • a design team to develop and detail all prefabricated elements ready for production in the Cellate Prefab Factory;
  • a Building Information Modelling team that co-ordinates all design consultants, Cellate Design, Cellate Construction, Cellate Prefab, Subcontractors and Suppliers to input all project information into BIM. BIM will be used for design of overall design review, detail development, precast elements, scheduling, programming, pricing and facilities maintenance on completion;
  • all required temporary works designs for each project including but not limited to site mobilisation, plant and equipment, cranes, materials handling, propping, staging, scaffolding etc;
  • a R&D Innovation House that will develop designs and specifications for prefabricated elements including bathrooms, apartments, services, concrete and construction materials etc. The division will develop the designs and innovative practices working with Universities, CSIRO and startups;


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