Cellate Constructions

Cellate has successfully delivered many commercial projects with its highly experienced and diverse team of construction management professionals since its inception in 1964.

Our comprehensive management team ensures that the project is delivered within budget, on time and at the highest quality.

Our teams integrate the use of Cellate Prefabrication and its installation of Precast concrete elements and prefabricated bathrooms pods on site. We also co-ordinate and manage the multiple specialist subcontractors locally that will deliver the remaining elements of the structure, services, finishes and façade elements for each project.

Our teams are tasked with construction management and delivery of each project and delivery of the final product to the client.

Cellate takes pride in our work and welcomes complex challenges and unique projects.

We have successfully managed and completed projects in many different sectors and we have the global capability of delivering projects in the following sectors;

  • Large Scale Residential Towers and Housing Developments
  • Affordable & Low Cost Housing
  • Luxury Villas and Apartments
  • Infrastructure Bridges, Roads, Airport Runways, Underground, Civil, Water
  • Public Buildings
  • Sporting Venues
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Retail and Commercial
  • Marine Structures, Pontoons, Ramps, Submerged Structures
  • Piling and Foundations
  • Defense and Ballistic Protective Structures


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