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Australia lags behind the developed world in relation to collaboration and partnering between industry and education institutions. Cellate philosophy is that collaboration and bringing together of experts from different experience and backgrounds will not only foster the culture of innovation but a produce a better end product.

The 2014 Australian Innovation System Report (Department of Industry and Science) captured the following viewpoint:

Highly networked innovation systems enable businesses to share resources, risk and ideas for innovation. International business-to-business collaboration on innovation provides a mechanism for sourcing the widest possible range of ideas and resources to build a firm's competitiveness.

Cellate, having previous history of collaborating with BHP Billington, developing Fibre Steel technology, BHP Billiton have already expressed willingness to participate in future research and development. They share the vision that the Cellate Precast system and Fibre steel technology will be the future primary technology used in the construction of homes in Australia and around the Globe.

Establishing the Innovation Hub on the Central Coast, Cellate is intending to collaborate with the  local University of Newcastle's Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment. UON is the only university in Australia to achieve a rating of '5' in Civil Engineering across all three Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) assessments - 2010, 2012 and 2015. UON has an outstanding reputation and that together with Cellate, can foster innovation and advanced construction technology in the construction and development of projects around the world. 



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