Cellate Innovation Hub

Innovation and change is our culture in Cellate, and a foundation of our future growth and development.

Cellate's advantage is that we own and manufactures our construction technology and we implement the procedures, materials and processes into the development and construction of projects around the globe. Cellate is more than just a project or construction manager. Cellate is able to innovate and change the way we build, the way we design and the way we procure.

Cellate sees opportunity in Research and Development not only to strengthen and grow the company but to also engage with employees, team members, educational institutions, professionals, industry and the community.

Cellate will establish an "innovation hub" known as the Centre of Excellence that will pull together the best, to research and develop new and old construction technologies and ensure that Cellate will remain at the forefront of the industry. The Centre will also train, foster and provide a platform for new Cadets, Graduates, Apprentices and skilled labour to refine their training and education and develop their skills further to grow the  experience and expertise of the company both in Australia and Internationally, ensuring that the youth become long term employees and the backbone of the business.


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