Cellate is a multi disciplinary company specialising in design and construction of  integrated environments, where the built and environment blend to produce works of functional and visual harmony.

Our unique technology and processes have evolved since 1964 by a core team of professionals specialising in multi philosophy urban design, site planning, architecture, project management, construction delivery and handover.

The wide variety of projects completed by Cellate both in Australia and Internationally include a number of land mark projects within Leisure and Tourism, Residential, Commercial Educational , Historical, Parks and open spaces.

Cellate fully owns and promotes the patents and copyrights of the unique Cellate Extended End Fibre Steel and the Cellate Precast System, which is widely regarded as the most advanced prefabricated building system in the world and has been used in the construction of thousands of different structures spanning the globe.

The Cellate Precast system has been used within many different sectors because of its flexibility, speed of build and durability.  Projects range from large scale residential housing, structures within corrosive environments and Skyscrapers.

The two principle elements of the Cellate Precast system are the ability to economically produce extremely robust insulated large pre-engineered panels and the manufacture of the enlarged ends (EE) Steel Fibre. Both of these products coexist and were first developed as part of a concept to produce a superior building system that was a better alternative to traditional building materials and construction methods.

Cellate Fibre Steel was introduced to BHP Mining Corporation who formed a partnership for the production and some years later the exclusive rights to use what we now know today as "Fibrecrete" also referred to as "Shotcrete" of which there are now many variants. Fibrecrete was used primarily to seal and stabilise loose strata within the mine walls and ceilings and now of course many other applications.

The Cellate Large Panel technology consists of four fundamental parts being two outer concrete skins containing EE fibre, a concrete matrix which surrounds an insulated core and finally pre-stressed cables which run through the whole panel which keeps it in tension. The panels can be moulded to virtually any shape, patterned, textured and coloured and are very robust which means practically zero maintenance even in extreme climates.

Throughout the years Cellate not only produces the fibresteel and the prefabricated precast system, but also delivers turnkey projects as the main contractor, starting from the initial design phase right through to handing over the keys to the owner.


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